Are there any additional fees associated with using the desktop version of the dashboard compared to using the mobile app version of the dashboard?

The panels can include designs for different types of devices that cover a wide range of screen sizes. When you publish these designs to Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud, people who view your dashboard see a design optimized for their phone, tablet, or desktop. As an author, all you have to do is create a single panel and provide a unique URL. The panels are made up of easy-to-configure widgets, the basic components of the panels, which display the real-time data from your sheets and reports.

Dashboards can be shared with anyone, including teammates, executives, and even external customers, and can be easily viewed on the desktop or in the Smartsheet mobile app. This option is available for iOS or Android devices and slightly reduces the control panel, leaving room for application controls. For example, if you turn off automatic updating, it will remain enabled for other collaborators who are viewing the panel. For example, if you are creating a tablet layout and the default panel is set to a fixed Desktop Browser size (1000 x 800), if you set Size as the default for the tablet layout, you will also use 1000 x 800.

Create duplicates of certain views in the default panel, one optimized for viewing on computers and another optimized for phones.

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