Can i use my existing email address with my google for my business listing?

You'll need a valid Google account to get started and the account you choose will become the “owner of your business” within Google products. Whether Outlook or Gmail are better for business email depends on the work email features you want and the productivity software you prefer (Google Workspace or Microsoft 36). It's also easy to set up your new email account in Outlook or Gmail through IPOP and other settings, so you can use your free business email through any business email application you prefer. It's also one of the cheapest business email providers, making it a very affordable solution for startups and small businesses that need email addresses, web hosting, domains, and more.

Among them are Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, video conferencing through Google Meet, calendar and business email through Gmail, which comes with its own set of tips and tricks for Gmail. Google Workspace is Google's equivalent to the Microsoft 365 suite, and they are the two main competitors in the United States. Every business needs professional email addresses, and small businesses and startups often need them to be as cheap as possible. Their Shared Unlimited plan is perfect for small businesses with a limited budget that need to create more than five addresses.

According to Google, you'll need to create a new Google account and then use it as an alternate email account to link the new email account to the Google account. While Microsoft and Google have similar tools for productivity and collaboration, Microsoft's cheaper plan allows up to 300 members for video conferencing, while Google has a limit of 100 (for the same price). In the same way, Microsoft 365 wins at the lowest levels of storage per user, since it grants 1 TB compared to 30 GB with the Google Workspace base plan. If you have a Google merchant account and the account is associated with an email address that you would like to change, you can update the account with a new email address by submitting a request to Google's support team.

Use Google Workspace free for 14 days to send emails, hold HD video conferences, create documents and share files in the cloud.

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