Why is my business not showing up on Google but is verified?

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  3. Why is my business not showing up on Google but is verified?

Why is my business not showing up on Google but is verified?

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Discovering that your verified business isn't appearing on Google can be baffling and frustrating. It's a fact: even after verification, some businesses struggle to surface in search results.

This article is here to unravel the mystery with practical steps to make your business visible and searchable online. Dive in; let's solve this together!

Key Takeaways

  • Checking your business details is the same everywhere, like on your website, and Google Maps helps Google find you.
  • Your business needs to be seen in many places online. This means being on social media and having a good website with the right keywords.
  • Make sure all the information about your business is new and correct for better chances of showing up in searches.
  • Using keywords that match what customers search for can help them find your business on Google.
  • Follow Google's rules when you list your business to avoid problems that hide it from searches.

Understanding Google Business Profile Verification

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Getting your business verified on Google is a key step to helping customers find you. When you verify, it tells Google that your business is real and gives you control over the information shown.

You may use different ways to verify, such as by phone, email, or postcard, with a unique code sent to your business's physical location.

Even after verifying, sometimes a profile does not show up right away. This can happen for several reasons, like wrong information or breaking Google's rules. It’s important to check that all details are correct and follow guidelines.

Being verified also means you can respond to reviews and update information anytime—both big pluses for attracting customers!


Adding Your Business to Google for Free

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You can add your business to Google without spending any money. Just go to the Google My Business website and create an account. Follow the steps to put in your business details, like your name, address, and operating hours.

Make sure every piece of information is correct, because this helps customers find you.

After you fill out all the details, Google will check that your business is real. They might send a postcard with a special code or let you verify instantly online if possible. This blue checkmark shows people on Google Search and Maps that you are who you say you are.

Once verified, folks looking for what you offer can easily see your business pop up in their local searches.


Common Reasons Why Your Verified Business Isn't Showing on Google

Incorrect or inconsistent business information, inadequate web presence, incorrect use of keywords, unupdated business information, and violations of Google's terms of service are some common reasons why your verified business may not be showing up on Google.

To find out how to fix the issue, keep reading!


Incorrect or Inconsistent Business Information

Having your business show up on Google is a big deal. It helps people find you and learn about what you offer. But if your details are wrong or don't match across the internet, Google might get confused.

That's like having different road signs pointing to the same place but with different names—it doesn't help anyone.

Make sure every piece of information about your business online is the same. This means your address, phone number, and name need to be correct wherever they appear—on your website, social media, and listings like Google Maps.

This keeps Google happy and helps customers trust that they've got the right facts about where you are and what you do. Keep everything updated regularly too; this tells Google that you're still around and ready for business!

Inadequate Web Presence

Your business might be hard to find on Google if it doesn't have a strong online presence. A good web presence means your business shows up in lots of places online, like social mediadirectories, and other websites.

You need more than just a Google Business Profile. Make sure people can find you easily by setting up profiles on sites like Twitter and Facebook. Also, having a website with the right keywords helps Google understand what you do.

Remember, when writing content for your website or social media, keep it fresh and useful. This makes customers happy and tells Google you're important in your field. Get others to link back to your site too—these are called backlinks—because they boost how trustworthy and relevant your business looks online.

Plus, they help more people discover you through searches!

Incorrect Use of Keywords

Choosing the right words can make a big difference. For your business to be seen on Google, you need to use keywords that match what people are searching for. But if you pick the wrong ones or use them in ways that don't make sense, Google might not show your business in search results.

It's important to think about how customers look for businesses like yours and then use those exact terms in your Google My Business profile.

Using relevant and accurate keywords helps people find your listing when they're looking for something you offer. If these aren't used properly, potential customers may miss out on discovering your services.

Regularly check that your keywords still work well, and change them if needed. This keeps everything fresh and increases the chance of showing up when someone searches for a business like yours.

Unupdated Business Information

Old business details can make it hard for your company to be seen on Google. If your address, phone number, or opening hours are wrong, people might not find you when they search. This makes your ranking go down, and fewer people click on your website.

You must check your information often and fix any mistakes. That way, Google knows everything is correct. When all the details about your business are right and current, you have a better chance of showing up in searches.

It helps customers trust you more, too. Make sure that things like landing pages and contact information stay fresh to improve how you appear in local SEO results. Keep giving Google reviews attention as well, because these matter for drawing in new folks to see what you offer!

Violation of Google's Terms of Service

Breaking Google's rules can hide your business on their site. If they think you did something against their terms, they might not show your business. This happens if you share the wrong informationuse bad words, or spam people with ads.

Your request to be on Google Business Profile could even get turned down for this reason.

It's important to always follow Google's rules. Check what they allow, and don't do things that will upset them. If you play by the rules, people are more likely to find your business when they search online.

Staying honest and clear in how you present your business helps everyone trust you more.

How to Fix the Issue

To fix the issue of your business not showing up on Google despite being verified, you can follow these steps:

  1. Double-check your Google My Business verification to ensure that it has been completed properly.
  1. Verify that your business information is correct and consistent across the web, including NAP citations.
  1. Ensure that your website domain is associated with your Google My Business profile.
  1. Check for any violations in your business name, address type, or business description that may be causing your profile not to show up.
  1. Wait at least one week after verification to allow for your business to appear on Google.
  1. Consider searching for your business name along with your address if it still does not show up after a week.
  1. Register your business in the appropriate categories on Google My Business to improve its visibility.


It's common for a verified business to not show up on Google even after verification. Issues like incorrect informationinadequate web presence, or violations of Google's terms may be the culprits.

To fix this, update and ensure consistency in your business information. Use relevant keywords and categories when editing your business profile. Stay compliant with Google's terms to enhance visibility on search results and maps.

This can lead to increased visibility and potential customer engagement for your business online!


1. Why isn't my verified business appearing on Google searches?

It could be that your business profile edits haven’t been processed yet. Sometimes, there’s a delay with search engines updating their records.

2. How important are meta descriptions for showing up in Google searches?

Meta descriptions play a vital role; they give search engines like Google a summary of what your page is about, improving the chances of your business popping up.

3. Can digital marketing techniques help my business show up on Google?

Absolutely, digital marketing strategies can boost your presence on search engines by optimising elements such as Google NLP entities and making sure you're hitting the right keywords.

4. What should I check if my business doesn’t show up after being verified on Google?

Firstly, check if all details in your Google account and business profile are correct and align with terms used in related Google Doc files—mismatched information can often cause visibility issues.

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