What is the difference between a google+ page and a google for my business listing?

Your GMB will provide customers with useful information and will make new customers discover your business. Your Google+ will be the place where you can show more photos of your company or share updates on industry developments or community participation. In a nutshell, Google My Business is a control panel that contains all the information about your company. On the other hand, G+ is more of a social network that helps you connect with your customers and other visitors.

Google My Business & Google+ are two main Google tools and many users get confused when using them. Recently, Google published an article detailing some of the differences between Google My Business & Google+. With Google My Business, local business owners can manage their online presence or, for example, the list of companies on Google Maps and Google Search. Google My Business is for businesses that serve customers in a specific location or in a designated service area.

Always use the correct name, address, and phone number for your business and make sure they match the ones in use. Local Google+ pages look better than Google Places pages, so you're at a disadvantage if you only rely on Google Places. If you want to add or update your information, you have to do the same with your Google+ profile and again with your Google My Business account. From simple interest to a full-time career, he entered the world of digital marketing at the end of the last decade and has been contributing excellent articles on changes in Google's algorithms, patents, SEO strategies, tools & marketing software and analysis.

For now, some changes, such as adding an administrator and changing the name on Google+, will be reflected in Google My Business. As a business owner, if you previously had a Google Places account, your Places page has become (at least apparently) a local Google+ page. Once you've created a location for your business on Google Maps, Google will send you a postcard to check if the location is correct. It helps you connect your business with the right audience by harnessing the power of Google Maps, Google Search, Google Plus, Insights and Analytics.

Google has reported that it has removed compatibility with Google+ pages from Google My Business accounts and that any Google+ account that has not been used in the past year will no longer be available. Businesses can create a Google+ page for businesses (similar to Facebook pages) and identify their business as a local business. GMB has established itself as Google's main content platform for companies by allowing companies to publish content, publish important business information and interact with customers thanks to community participation features. All you have to do is indicate that you are a local business and that this is the first time you have set up the Google page.

When it comes to Google My Business and Google Plus, even marketing experts aren't aware of the differences in the services they offer.

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