Why can t google assistant assign reminders?

The switch must be activated. Select Apps & notifications (Applications or Application Manager). Make sure that reminder notifications are enabled. Make sure that Do Not Disturb mode is not activated.

If you have activated Samsung's Do Not Disturb mode or have postponed notifications on other Android 12 devices, your phone may not show you Google Reminders alerts. Make sure that notifications are turned on, and then try using Google Reminders again. It's disconcerting and a little difficult to understand the logic of that suggestion, especially when Google Keep offers location reminders. If there's a problem with your Google Voice assistant and it's still not working after making sure it's turned on, you might want to dig deeper into that problem by solving the problem with OK Google.

Even if you back up everything on your phone before performing the reset, you may have to download the apps from the Google Play store to get them back on the device. Google has bad news for people who often rely on Google Assistant to set reminders for them. Google's Nest Hub (2nd Generation) can record your sleep without having to wear an uncomfortable bracelet on your arm all night. Go to Google Calendar on the web, hover over the calendar name in the left sidebar, and then select the three-dot icon.

The voice assistant is eliminating location-based reminders and the ability to assign reminders to a specific person. In fact, the banner that tells users that Google Assistant location reminders are going to disappear isn't even readable with the new dark theme. This problem is due to battery power settings, so as part of researching energy saving settings, make sure that you haven't accidentally prevented Google Apps from running in the background. For example, on some of the best smart screens, such as the Nest Hub (2nd generation), you can ask the Assistant to remind you to buy a bottle of fresh milk at the supermarket.

The support article that Google links to is only slightly expanded and, apparently, suggests Assistant Routines as an alternative. Google quietly announced the news in an easy-to-miss note on the Google Assistant help page (opens in a new tab). To get your Google Reminders working properly again, follow these troubleshooting steps, one by one, until you find the solution to the problem. Although this useful feature is gradually being phased out, you can still ask the Assistant to create reminders at a certain time.

The imminent removal of the feature is likely to disappoint users who rely on the Assistant to remind them of the things they intended to do when they arrive at a certain location.

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