Is there a cost associated with using google assistant driving mode?

Google's apps for vehicle navigation on your smartphone are Android Auto and Google Assistant driving mode. Both applications have the same objective, but are designed differently. Google Assistant helps drivers perform tasks they're already doing while driving. It reduces distractions by providing multimodal experiences that are easy to see and where the voice can be heard.

Driving mode helps make every trip safer, more informed, connected and enjoyable. Below you'll find my answers to any questions you might have about using Google Assistant in your car and while traveling.

Assistant Driving

Mode is a redesigned control panel that brings navigation, messaging, calls and media players to the forefront. If your car has this feature, all you have to do is hold down the Google Assistant button and it will set it up automatically.

Google is also focusing on Android Automotive, which comes pre-installed with the vehicle and allows car manufacturers to customize it. In addition, with the new support for battery thermal management, Google Maps saves you precious time by helping the car battery to warm up or cool down before charging it, reducing the amount of time you have to spend on the charger. Fortunately for users who had updated it, Google has finally released an update that aims to correct the error that previously showed users an error. Soon, you can say: “Hello, Google, let's drive (or connect the phone to the car's Bluetooth) to open the new driving mode panel, which will reduce the need to play with the phone and, at the same time, ensure that you focus on the road.

Unlike Android Auto, there's no need to download or install Google Assistant driving mode from the Play Store, as it's a standard feature on Android 12 and later. This year, one of Google's updates prevented users from using Google Assistant with Android Auto correctly. If you have an Android phone and haven't taken advantage of the Google Assistant's hands-free feature, you're missing out. You can also access it through Google Maps if you choose the option Start navigation after searching for a location.

In addition, the driving mode of the Google Assistant only includes multimedia applications (Spotify, YouTube Music, VLC, Podcast, etc.). It's also designed with a minimalist user interface that includes basic applications that won't distract the driver.

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