Can i use google assistant while using other apps?

Google announced today that it will allow the voice command “Hello, Google” to be used for more. Google Assistant allows voice control of Android applications. With the Assistant, users can launch applications, perform tasks, access content and more with their voice to say things like: “Hello, Google, start an execution in Example App.” To use the Dictation Assistant in compatible messaging apps, including Google's messaging app, tap the microphone icon on the keyboard. Open the settings application and search for “Assistant”, and you'll see an option that says “Assistant Settings” in the list.

The first new feature is the ability to use Google Assistant to search for and execute commands in the applications that you have installed on your phone. Activate the button so that the Assistant can recognize your voice every time you say “Hi Google”, even if the screen is off or you're using an application. In the case of Google, the ability to perform tasks within an application is implemented by the developer by assigning user intentions to specific functions of their applications. To ask the Assistant to make a call for you, say “Hi Google” followed by “Call Sally”, make a phone call, call Alice Walker or call mom at her house, etc.

However, if you ask Google Assistant to show you your shortcuts, it will show the shortcuts available for all the applications you have installed on your phone. For example, you can now say “Hi Google, start a race on MapMyRun” or “Hi Google, look for pizza on Yelp” and the Assistant will open the application on the corresponding page. When you use the Assistant for the first time on your smartphone, you'll be asked to use the Google Assistant and OK Google's always-on voice detection. It's important to make sure you set up the Assistant with the same account that you're going to ask it to search for information about, especially when it comes to photos.

You can ask the Assistant just about anything, and it will understand your words in context and provide you with relevant results in a conversational way. Strangely enough, then I closed all the apps and said: “Put Bruce Springsteen” and the assistant knew how to open Spotify instead of another music application. Go to the Google Assistant settings and select “Continuous Conversation” and then choose which device you want to enable it on. Google Photos knows what the photos contain, so it will also return photos of objects, such as your dog, food, children or places.

Just say “show me pictures of cars” and you'll see the photos of your car. Similarly, the Assistant will open Twitter on the DM page, but then you'll have to choose the person you want to send a message to. The Google Assistant update for apps was one of several Android improvements that Google highlighted today. We're not going to ruin the surprise, but Google Assistant really is going to town when it comes to addressing Google's iconic question.

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