Does google assistant driving mode support navigation?

If you want to navigate while driving, your Android smartphone supports applications that could make things easier for you. Google's apps for vehicle navigation on your smartphone are Android Auto and Google Assistant driving mode. A device automatically enters driving mode when you start navigating on Google Maps. Google is closing Driving Mode, its separate control panel with Assistant that offers quick access to audio controls, contacts, navigation and other shortcuts while you're on the road, according to a report by 9to5Google.

Without much progress over the past year, driving mode is languishing due to lack of attention or care, and it desperately needs new features that adapt to more comprehensive services, such as Android Auto, in cars. Of course, you can also access multimedia applications such as YouTube, Spotify, VLC and Google Podcasts when you use Google Assistant's driving mode. When you're finished driving, you can exit driving mode by tapping the vehicle icon at the top right of the screen. The only difference between the two is that you can access the standalone version with a voice command such as “Hello, Google, start driving mode” or by pressing the direct access to driving mode on the phone's home screen.

As Google confirmed with 9to5Google, the presentation screen it refers to is a map card that is often found at the top of the screen, which specifically shows recent searches or suggested locations, such as the saved work address. Instead of simply dropping the map card, the assistant driving mode completely loses sight of the dashboard. If you're not familiar with Google Assistant's driving mode, read on to learn how to use it. Unlike Android Auto, which must be compatible with specific cars and sound equipment, Google Assistant's driving mode can work with any vehicle.

As discovered by 9to5Google, the latest beta version of Google includes some terms about the removal of the driving screen in assistant driving mode. If you want to access driving mode in Google Assistant, there are several ways to do so. As Esper's Mishaal Rahman points out, Google added assistant driving mode to Maps even before launching independent driving mode. When you start Google Assistant driving mode, you'll notice that it has three icons at the bottom of the screen.

Google doesn't use this space to show the progress of the trip in real time, it only shows the general route you've selected. This move, ominous as it sounds, actually only removes a confusing element from the user interface; in fact, it seems that Google has already made the change, since I can't get it to appear in the current stable version.

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