Does Google verify business by phone?

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Does Google verify business by phone?

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Are you wondering if Google can verify your business over the phone? It's common for companies to seek validation through Google to boost their online presence. This article will guide you step-by-step on how your business can get that all-important verification, including the often-questioned phone verification method.

Read on for clarity and peace of mind—discovery awaits.

Key Takeaways

  • Google My Business lets you verify your company by phone, where they call or text a code for you to confirm.
  • Watch out for fake calls pretending to be from Googledon't share personal details unless you're sure it's real.
  • Verifying your business helps people find accurate information about it and can boost how often it's seen online.

Understanding Google My Business Verification

A confident business owner standing in front of their Cityscape Photography storefront.Google My Business verification is like a green light for your business. It shows everyone that Google trusts that you're a real company. When you verify, you can control what information shows up about your business online.

You decide how to present things like your address, opening hours, and photos of your place or products.

It's important because it helps customers find you easily on Google Maps and in search results. If you keep all the details accurate and updated, people are more likely to trust and visit your business.

Plus, once verified, you get to see and reply to customer reviews, which can really help attract more customers!

Methods of Google My Business Verification

A business owner receiving a phone call verification for Google My Business.

There are several methods for verifying your Google My Business listing, including instant verification, postcard verification, phone call verification, and email verification. Each method has its own specific requirements and process to ensure the accuracy of your business information on Google.

Instant verification

For some businesses, instant verification is like a fast track to getting seen on Google. You might get this option if you use certain tools from Google for your business. If you do, just sign in with your email that's linked to the business.

Bam! Your business could be verified right away. It's one of the simplest ways to make sure customers see your business when they search online.

The trick is keeping all your details up-to-date in your Google account and Gmail settings. With everything in order, instant verification can work smoothly. This method helps your business show up quicker on Google searches and maps, making it easier for customers to find you!

Postcard verification

Postcard verification stands as a trusted way to prove you own your business. Google sends you a card with a special code right to the address of your store or office. You just wait for this card to arrive in the mail, then go online and type in the code to say, "Yes, this is my place!" It's simple—no need for tech skills.

This method is super important if you want people to find your shop on their phones or computers. The postcard comes with clear instructions, making it easy-peasy for any business owner.

Pop that code into your Google My Business profile, and boom! You're all set up for people near and far to see what you're offering.

Phone call verification

Google My Business can check on your business over the phone. This is a real way to make sure your details are correct. You might get a call or text from Google as part of this process.

The person on the other side will give you a code, and you need to enter it into your Google My Business account.

A phone chat lets Google know that your business is run by real people. Also, when you pick up phone verification, it's quick and simple. Make sure your contact information is correct so that the verification goes smoothly and your local SEO gets better because customers can find you easily online.

Email verification

You can verify your business on Google with an email. This is simple and quick. First, check that the email on your profile is correct. Then, when you choose to verify by email, look out for a message from Google in your inbox.

It will have a code or a link inside it.

Click the link or type the code into Google My Business (GMB). This tells Google that you are the real owner of the business listing. Make sure you do this soon after getting the email, because sometimes these codes can stop working if too much time passes.

After this step, your business information should be live for everyone to see online!

Detailed Look at Phone Call Verification

Phone call verification is a quick way to confirm your Google Business Profile. Google might call you and give you a code. You need to tell them this code on the phone. This shows that you are really connected with the business.

Be careful with this method because some bad people pretend to be from Google. They want to steal your information or trick you into buying things you don't need. If someone calls and says they're from Google, ask them questions only real Google staff would know.

Check their identity before sharing any details about your business.

Google has a new thing called "Verified Calls." When businesses use it, you see their name, logo, why they're calling, and a checkmark when they ring you up. This helps distinguish real calls from fake ones.

Always stay alert for scam callers trying to seem like they're verifying your listing but aren't real at all!

Identifying and Handling Scam Calls Posing as Google Verification

Scam calls can trick you into thinking they are from Google. They're not real, and you must be careful. These fake callers might say your business listing needs verification or updating.

Always think twice before sharing any information over the phone. Real Google staff will never ask for passwords or money on a call.

If you get a call like this, stay calm and do nothing they tell you to do, especially pressing keys on your phone or giving out codes. Fake callers may also mention Google Voice or other tools to make them seem real; don't believe it.

Hang up quickly if something feels wrong and report the scam to places that handle these problems, like the national do not call registry or the federal trade commission. Keep your business safe by knowing who is really calling!

Why Is My Business Not Showing Up on Google Even Though It's Verified?

If your verified business is not showing up on Google, it could be due to various reasons, such as incomplete informationviolating guidelines, or inactivity. In some cases, your business may not rank highly enough due to low engagement and relevance.

Ensure that the information provided for the business listing is accurate and complete. Regularly update posts, respond to customer reviews, and maintain an active online presence to improve visibility.

It's essential to adhere to Google's regulations and maintain a positive reputation online.

Remember that simply verifying your business does not guarantee top placement; regular upkeep and adherence to guidelines are crucial for enhanced online visibility.

Importance of Verifying Your Google Business Listing

Verifying your Google Business listing is crucial for ensuring that customers can find accurate information about your business online. It establishes trust and credibility, showing potential customers that your business is legitimate and reliable.

By verifying your listing, you gain control over the information displayed, allowing you to manage and update important details such as address, phone number, and business hours. This verification process also helps prevent unauthorized changes or misuse of your business information by third parties.

Overall, it enhances your online presence and increases the likelihood of attracting new customers while providing a sense of security to existing ones.

Remembering to verify your Google Business listing will help boost visibility on search engines and enable customer engagement through reviews. Taking this simple step can have a significant impact on how people perceive and interact with your business online.

FAQs on Google Business Verification

Google Business Verification is a crucial step for businesses to appear in Google searches and maps. Understanding the process and addressing common queries can help businesses navigate this aspect effectively.

  1. How long does it take to verify my business on Google?
  • The verification process typically takes a few days, but it can vary based on the method chosen and other factors.
  1. Can I verify my business listing without a physical address?
  • Businesses without a physical storefront, such as service-area businesses, can verify using their business address without displaying it publicly.
  1. What should I do if I haven't received my verification postcard?
  • If you haven’t received your postcard after 14 days, you can request another one through your Google My Business account.
  1. Does Google charge for business verification?
  1. Can I manage multiple locations of my business through one Google account?
  1. Is it possible to transfer ownership of a verified business listing?
  • Yes, owners can transfer ownership of their verified listings to other users or accounts within Google My Business.
  1. What happens if I change my business information after verification?
  • It is essential to promptly update any changes in business information after verification to ensure accuracy for customers and search results.
  1. Can a third party handle the verification process on behalf of my business?
  • While third parties may assist with managing your Google My Business profile, they cannot complete the verification process on your behalf.


In conclusion, verifying your business on Google by phone is a crucial step in ensuring that accurate information reaches potential customers. Utilizing the various verification methods offered by Google can help safeguard against fraudulent activities and enhance your online visibility.

By taking steps to verify your business listing, you are actively contributing to the integrity of online information and increasing the likelihood of being discovered by local customers searching for products or services like yours.

Remember, staying proactive in managing your online presence empowers you to showcase your business effectively and connect with more customers.


1. Can Google verify my business over the phone?

Yes, indeed. Google may call you to confirm your business listing's accuracy. It's a simple call where they check your details and ensure everything is correct.

2. Should I be wary of all calls claiming to be from Google?

Absolutely, caution is key. While customer service calls can be genuine, fraudulent calls do exist. If unsure, visit Google's support pages or use their official contact methods, like Twitter or web help forums.

3. Will third-party companies call on behalf of Google for verification?

No, normally that shouldn't happen; it could signal a scam attempt! Always confirm with official online marketing channels, and don't rely solely on phone verification.

4. What if I get a suspicious call about my business listing?

Stay alert! Don’t share personal information, especially SIM card numbers or passwords. Report it straight away through the proper channels, like Facebook support, or directly to Google.

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