Why did google get rid of driving mode?

Google is closing assistant driving mode because it realized that most people were only using the Maps version, he told 9to5Google. According to 9to5Google, the reason the tech giant was closing the assistant driving mode was that most of them were using the Maps version. Because of the similarity of names and functionalities, some may not have even realized that the version of the Assistant existed. Recent reports based on Google's own statements indicate that the integration of assisted driving mode with Google Maps is disappearing.

But it turns out that Google intends to close the entire assistant driving mode panel. The Dashboard was initially conceived as a successor to Android Auto. After reports that Samsung was negotiating with Microsoft to make Bing the default search engine on Galaxy devices began circulating on the Internet, Google panicked. The control panel offers quick access to audio controls, shortcuts for calling and sending text messages, multimedia suggestions and navigation through Google Maps.

Google's car-optimized control panel for Android will close, but the Google Maps Driving Assistant will remain. The disappearance of driving mode is the latest in a series of measures that Google Assistant has taken to move away from functionality that is not based solely on the voice assistant. It consists of widgets such as a navigation search field, multimedia controls, shortcuts for sending a message or making a call, a do not disturb button and a button to activate Google Assistant. Google is closing Driving Mode, its separate control panel with Assistant that offers quick access to audio controls, contacts, navigation and other shortcuts while you're on the road, according to a report by 9to5Google.

Assistant driving mode includes a panel with Google Assistant, a music player, volume controls and buttons for making a call or sending a message. Because the two apps share so much functionality, Google may have decided that there was no reason for both to exist. In an official announcement, Google announced that it is implementing a feature that will allow Google Meet users to deactivate the video of other participants. Google is expected to become the first brand to challenge Samsung globally in the foldable smartphone market.

It can be accessed through the direct access on the home screen or by verbally instructing the Google Assistant to start assistant driving mode. Recently, Google had to make a difficult decision when it announced the closure of its cloud-based gaming platform, Stadia. There will continue to be a Google Maps screen optimized for driving, which shows the map but includes a button for the Google Assistant and the same “application drawer” functionality as the assisted driving mode panel. Many community members considered the assisted driving mode panel to be a downgrade, and some suggested that it was never intended to be a permanent replacement, but rather that it was an interim measure to gradually convert Android Auto users to Google Maps.

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