Can i send text messages with google assistant driving mode?

Driving assistant mode helps you complete actions while driving. With your voice, you can read and send messages, make calls, and control the media. Both Android Auto's driving mode and Google Assistant can start automatically if they detect that you're in a moving car, but you must activate those settings. Similarly, you can configure Android Auto's driving mode and Google Assistant to start automatically when you connect Android Auto to the vehicle's Bluetooth.

Google Assistant's driving mode and Android Auto serve the same purpose, but have a slightly different user interface. In short, Google Assistant's driving mode user interface has been redesigned with fewer options and larger cards, making it appear less cluttered than Android Auto. In addition, the driving mode of the Google Assistant only includes multimedia applications (Spotify, YouTube Music, VLC, Podcast, etc.). Assistant driving mode includes a panel with Google Assistant, a music player, volume controls and buttons for making a call or sending a message.

It can be accessed through the direct access on the home screen or by verbally instructing the Google Assistant to start assistant driving mode. If you confuse assistant driving mode with the Google Maps feature, also called driving mode (above), it's understandable. Google should perhaps clarify the situation around navigation and entertainment for people who don't have Android Auto integrated in their vehicles, because it's quite confusing. Google says that, with the new Assistant interface, easy to drive, users can use their voice to send and receive calls and texts, review new messages in their messaging applications in one place and read their texts.

However, people might not even know that the Assistant version existed because of the confusing names and the similarity between the applications. The Google Assistant app can be activated in Android Auto, but it doesn't integrate into the user interface more cohesively than Google Assistant's driving mode. As long as Google deactivates assistant driving mode, the driving mode with the same name will be maintained on Google Maps. Because of the similarity of names and functionalities, some may not have even realized that the version of the Assistant existed.

Today, the company announced that it will make Google Assistant driving mode available to everyone. Users can also play multimedia content from hundreds of providers around the world, including YouTube Music, Spotify and Google Podcasts, and use this mode. Then, in November of last year, the company introduced Google Assistant's driving mode as a preview of Maps. Be that as it may, both the driving mode of the Google Assistant and Android Auto are good options for navigating and accessing the applications on your smartphone hands-free.

To use Google Assistant driving mode in Maps, users must start navigating to a destination with Google Maps and tap the popup window to begin. Google is closing assistant driving mode because it realized that most people were only using the Maps version, he told 9to5Google. However, Google assures its customers that the Android Auto version for screen mirroring won't get anywhere anytime soon. This is probably because Google Assistant's driving mode is easier to access for most Android users than Android Auto.

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