Can i access my reminders with google assistant driving mode?

For a list of your reminders, go to Google Reminders. You can also go to the reminder page of the Google Assistant and Google apps. Get hands-free help to call or text friends, listen to music, set reminders, or even control the temperature. Just say “Hey Google”, tap the Google Assistant icon, or tap the CLICK TO TALK button to get started.

Google Assistant driving mode is on Google Maps. With this feature, you can make calls, play music and send text messages with your voice while driving. To use the Driving Mode feature of the Google Assistant on Google Maps, you must enable it in the Google app. Then, you start using the navigation feature of Google Maps as usual.

The first option, when navigating on Google Maps, is one that I recommend activating if you discover that Google Assistant's driving mode works for you. If you want to change the functionality of Google Assistant's driving mode, return to the same screen you accessed to enable it initially. While Google Assistant's driving mode may not be the perfect substitute for Android Auto, it can certainly be an option for you if you need a simple user interface that works for driving. You can answer an incoming call if you answer “yes” when Google Assistant asks if you want to answer an incoming call.

Even if Google Assistant is configured in another language, driving mode is only available in English for the time being. You can even use Google Assistant by saying the keywords: “Hello, Google”, or by clicking the Assistant icon at the bottom. However, there's one major drawback with Google Maps: you might keep looking at your phone while driving, which is dangerous. Get full access to integrated Google apps when you purchase a Premium plan, connected vehicle or unlimited data plan.

Although you don't need a Google account to use the system, your experience will be more personalized if you're logged in. It's getting easier to use Google Maps and smartphone apps to get directions to where you need to go. Google Assistant can access your emails and Google calendar so that you can learn about what your day might be like. Because driving mode is run by Google Assistant, you'll find it in the Assistant settings, rather than on the device's configuration page.

One of the leading causes of car accidents across the country is distracted driving or lack of driver attention. With Google Play, easily download some of your favorite apps, music, podcasts, audiobooks and more for an in-vehicle experience that's easier to use than your phone. With the exception of Google Maps, all the apps you see in the app drawer open in a simplified, driving-friendly version.

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