What kind of insights can you get with google analytics?

The information explains the trends, changes and opportunities that may affect your company. For example, Analytics could provide information on an unusually low number of new users, giving you the opportunity to address the acquisition of new users before that decline becomes a long-term trend. Custom segments have been a key feature of Google Analytics for a while, allowing you to see traffic by channel, visitors who met goals, demographics, and more. Custom segments can be created from almost any aspect of user data, such as time on site, visits to specific pages, visitors who met a goal, visitors from a specific location, and more.

In the following example, you will see that almost 4% of visitors are buyers or buyers with added value and almost 4% of users also work or are interested in business marketing services. Most of the visitors to this site are between 25 and 34 years old and lean towards men by a slight margin. You can access the detailed statistics of your Google Ads campaigns by linking your Google Ads account to your Google Analytics account. We've focused on 14 metrics that are essential for marketers, how to find them in the Google Analytics dashboard and through the API, and how marketers can use them to make data-driven business decisions.

Google Analytics provides valuable information about users and their behaviors, but it has limitations, especially for large organizations that have strict access control and permission systems. In addition to comparing organic and paid searches for the purpose of analyzing marketing campaigns, you should use traffic from the organic search engine results page to determine how your content performs compared to other organic content on a SERP, especially on Google. You can ask questions or search for specific metrics and dimensions, and Google Intelligence will tell you how to get to the analysis reports. Understanding the results of Google Analytics can be difficult and complicated, but Google Analytics Insights is the everyday solution.

Creating great campaigns and improving digital marketing results is mandatory to be successful, so you should keep an eye on Google reports for information. To integrate data from different sources, most companies need a cloud data warehouse where they can use an ETL solution to extract data from Google Analytics and other applications, and replicate, process and analyze it.

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