Does google assistant driving mode work with my car's infotainment system?

You can only use it if your car has an infotainment system compatible with Android Auto. In addition, if your smartphone has Android 11 or an earlier version, you will have to use the Android Auto application mode, since driving mode is only available on Android 12 and later versions. It's easier to access Google Assistant driving mode than Android Auto, since you don't need a compatible car or stereo. Of course, you can use the Android Auto app mode if your car or stereo isn't compatible, but Google is gradually replacing it with Google Assistant's driving mode.

Stay connected easily, do your homework and enjoy your time on the road with the hands-free help of Google Assistant. Whether in an Android Auto-compatible vehicle or just with your phone, Google Assistant is there to help you while you travel. This is probably because Google Assistant's driving mode is easier to access for most Android users than Android Auto. By comparison, the driving mode of the Google Assistant is less distracting for the driver, since the driver can control everything using voice commands.

Perhaps the most important thing about Google Assistant's driving mode compared to Android Auto for phone screens is simply that you can't use it in landscape mode. Just a few months after driving mode was released worldwide, Google confirmed that it would be the only interface for Android phones in the car, which ended the compatibility with Android Auto for phone screens on Android 12 that year. However, the Android Auto application will not only be projected onto the infotainment system of any vehicle, but it must also have a compatible vehicle. The user interface prioritizes voice commands and instructions so you can drive without taking your hands off the wheel.

Either way, both Google Assistant's driving mode and Android Auto are good options for navigation and hands-free access to your smartphone's applications. You can also set the experience to start when you connect to the car's Bluetooth (Android Auto for phone screens does too) or when the phone detects that you're driving. It's also designed with a minimalist user interface that includes basic applications that won't distract the driver. You can also install the Android Auto app mode if your vehicle doesn't support an Android Auto connection.

Ask Google to start your daily journey and help you find the things you need while you travel, such as gas stations, restaurants and businesses. In a classic move by Google, the new experience is restricted by region to a limited list of countries, where Android Auto for phone screens is available in most regions. The standard Android Auto is designed to reflect the interface of your smartphone on the car's dashboard screen. So what are the differences between Android Auto's driving mode and Google Assistant's driving mode? Let's dive deeper.

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