Can i control my car's audio settings with google assistant driving mode?

Driving assistant mode helps you complete actions while driving. With your voice, you can read and send messages, make calls, and control the media. By comparison, the driving mode of the Google Assistant is less distracting for the driver, since the driver can control everything using voice commands. It's also designed with a minimalist user interface that includes basic applications that won't distract the driver.

You can access Google Assistant driving mode in two ways. You can activate the driving mode manually using a voice command or set it to start automatically. Google Assistant helps drivers perform tasks they're already doing while driving. It reduces distractions by providing multimodal experiences that are easy to see and where the voice can be heard.

Driving mode helps make every trip safer, more informed, connected and enjoyable. You can also access it through Google Maps if you choose the option Start navigation after searching for a location. Similarly, you can configure Android Auto's driving mode and Google Assistant to start automatically when you connect Android Auto to the vehicle's Bluetooth. Fortunately for users who had updated it, Google has finally released an update that aims to correct the error that previously showed users an error.

Once you have activated this “driving mode”, you can quickly access functions that would be especially beneficial to you while driving. In the same way, you can set driving mode to start automatically when you connect your phone to the car's Bluetooth. On the other hand, you can easily access other applications such as WhatsApp and Google Chrome on your smartphone while the driving mode of the Google Assistant runs in the background. If you don't want to access driving mode manually all the time, you can also set it to start when you connect your phone to the car's Bluetooth or start browsing on Google Maps.

This is probably because Google Assistant's driving mode is easier to access for most Android users than Android Auto. Instead, it allows you to access a user interface designed for hands-free driving while relying on voice commands to control it. The driving mode of the Google Assistant can also be viewed in horizontal mode, but you must first activate automatic rotation in the Android settings and put the phone in a horizontal position after opening Google Maps. Of course, you can use the Android Auto app mode if your car or stereo isn't compatible, but Google is gradually replacing it with Google Assistant's driving mode.

Unlike Android Auto, there's no need to download or install Google Assistant driving mode from the Play Store, as it's a standard feature on Android 12 and later. Now, when voice control is activated and you're in the car, you just have to say “Hey Google, we're going to drive”; your virtual assistant will be ready to work in “Driving Mode”. The standard Android Auto is designed to reflect the interface of your smartphone on the car's dashboard screen. Google is also focusing on Android Automotive, which comes pre-installed with the vehicle and allows car manufacturers to customize it.

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