Is there a limit to how many commands can be used in a single session of using the mode?

Using specific commands allows you to navigate from one command mode to another. Specifies the number of commands to be obtained. You can use this parameter to limit the output of a command. This feature limits the number of application launches managed by the Controller (for example, from the Citrix Workspace and StoreFront application) and not the number of running applications that can be launched with other methods.

This means that application limits help administrators manage simultaneous use, but do not allow compliance in all scenarios. For example, application limits cannot be applied when the Controller is in interrupt mode. Because many commands in the privileged EXEC mode set operating parameters, access at the privileged level must be password-protected to prevent unauthorized use. In the Cisco IOS documentation, the commands that can be entered in the user's EXEC mode or in the privileged EXEC mode are called EXEC mode commands.

However, these changes are not saved in the startup configuration file until the copy running-config startup-config command is executed in EXEC mode. The commands entered in global configuration mode update the running configuration file as soon as they are entered. When you press Ctrl-Z or enter the end command, you will always return to EXEC mode, regardless of which configuration mode or configuration submode you are in. Privileged EXEC mode also provides access to configuration modes using the configure command and includes advanced test commands, such as debug.

Most EXEC mode commands are one-time commands, such as the show or more commands, which show the current configuration status, and the clear commands, which clear the counters or interfaces. The command line analyzer will complete the command if the entered string is unique to command mode. When you log on to a router, it generally starts in user EXEC mode, which is one of the two access levels of EXEC mode. Note that privileged EXEC mode is sometimes referred to as activation mode, because the enable command is used to enter the mode.

If the documentation does not specify the privileged or user EXEC mode, suppose that you can enter the commands referred to in either mode. When you log in to the router, it goes into user EXEC command mode (unless the system is configured to immediately take it to privileged EXEC mode). In subinterface configuration mode, you can configure multiple virtual interfaces (called subinterfaces) on a single physical interface. You can also use the exit command to return from global configuration mode to EXEC mode, but this only works in global configuration mode.

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