Is there an app for google business page?

If you're still using the Google My Business app, use Google Search or the Google Maps mobile app to access your business profile. If you don't have the Google Maps app, download it from the Google Play Store. Did you hear that? The Google My Business app is no longer available. You can continue to use Google Search and Google Maps to manage your Google business profile on a smartphone.

When you open the Google Maps app and search for your business, a blue badge will appear with a check mark indicating that you have access to manage the ad. If you don't see the check mark, it means that you're not signed in to a Google Account that has access to the business profile. You can continue to access your account on your computer using Google's Business Profile Manager, which has an interface similar to that of Google My Business and is useful for managing several businesses in different locations. This is especially useful if you are responsible for several businesses that you need to manage in bulk.

All you have to do is log in to your Google business profile on your computer and you can update the details, add users and work to turn the people who find you in Search and Maps into your customers. However, there are some differences between how Google Business Profile works and the old methods of the Google My Business application. When you know how to access and manage your Google business profile, it's time to optimize it for more traffic and conversions. You can edit your business hours, address and phone number, add photos and videos, establish a link to your website and manage publications directly in your business profile in the Google Maps application or from the Chrome browser.

It's also important to note that this change won't affect customers or the way they find or contact businesses that use Google Maps or Google Search. You can simply search for your business name in the maps section as if you were searching for an address for directions. Like your Google business profile and the old Google My Business profile, Google Ads is an effective tool that you can have in your kit to extend the reach of your company beyond its previous objectives. We balance an evidence-based analytical approach with a flair for creativity to help you achieve results, without the need for fixed contracts to maintain your business.

Other changes that Google has announced include the ability to send messages directly from Google Search, access reading receipts from Google Search and Maps and, in the United States, if you need help managing your Google business profile, Google has created this handy YouTube video to show you how it's done. Once again, from your mobile device using Google Maps or Google Search, you can access the promotional features of Google Listings.

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