Does google assistant driving mode support multiple users on the same device?

When you use the Assistant with more than one account, your activity is only saved to your main account. If one of your accounts is through school or work, your. Google Assistant's driving mode and Android Auto serve the same purpose, but have a slightly different user interface. In short, Google Assistant's driving mode user interface has been redesigned with fewer options and larger cards, making it appear less cluttered than Android Auto.

In addition, the driving mode of the Google Assistant only includes multimedia applications (Spotify, YouTube Music, VLC, Podcast, etc. The Google Assistant helps drivers perform tasks that they are already doing while driving). It reduces distractions by providing multimodal experiences that are easy to see and where the voice can be heard. Driving mode helps make every trip safer, more informed, connected and enjoyable.

You could securely answer incoming texts and calls, switch between Google Play Music and Pocket Casts, and even view upcoming weather conditions, all from a single screen. It's hard not to think about the transition from Google Play Music to YouTube Music several years ago, a process that caused many satisfied subscribers, including me, to flee in search of alternative services. It's easier to access Google Assistant driving mode than Android Auto, since you don't need a compatible car or stereo. Even though a Google employee said more than a year ago that work was being done on landscaping support, it hasn't arrived yet.

Users can navigate with Google Maps or Waze, respond to SMS and app-based messages with voice commands, and stream audio from any of the dozens of compatible music, news, radio and podcast applications. With the release of Android 10, Google began to hide the Android Auto application from the application drawer of Android phones and, instead, to put those functions in the native configuration menu. The AI-powered Google Assistant has a new trick this year with the addition of its new driving mode interface. Android Auto requires a compatible vehicle to perform the projection, so first make sure that your car is compatible with the technology.

The Google Assistant app can be activated in Android Auto, but it doesn't integrate into the user interface more cohesively than Google Assistant's driving mode. Google's apps for vehicle navigation on your smartphone are Android Auto and Google Assistant driving mode. Some of those features are present in the version of the assistant driving mode that was finally released, but it's clear that something went wrong during development. It's also designed with a minimalist user interface that includes basic applications that won't distract the driver.

However, three years after Google embarked on this path, it still seems like a half-hearted replacement for Android Auto. When you start it for the first time, you can tap the icon in the bottom corner and use the “add driving mode to the home screen” shortcut to speed up access in the future. When it became clear that the new experience would not arrive as expected, Google agreed and launched “Android Auto for phone screens” on the Play Store. It makes sense that Google would want to close the Android Auto application for phone screens, which has been out of date for a generation of years and there is another renewal of Android Auto just around the corner.

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